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Home Warranties: A potential benefit for both buyers and sellers alike.
The market for homes across the USA has never been more challenging for homeowners trying to sell, nor more mind-boggling for buyers shopping among the historically overwhelming inventory of discounted li...
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Life Insurance - Obesity Adds to Your Insurance Premium as Well as Your Waistline!
Insurers currently use body mass index as a means of assessment before offering life insurance to people. This is worked out by dividing a persons weight in kilograms by their height squared in metres.
Guest Author: David Zurich Life Insurance Assessment Insurers currently use body mass index as a means of assessment before offering life insurance t...
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Free Insurance Brochures

To obtain a free copy of a brochure, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Insurance Information Institute
Publications Department
110 William Street, 24th Floor
New York, NY 10038


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Where can I get additional information on life insurance?
For more information on life insurance, you can contact:

  • American Council of Life Insurers
    1001 Pennsylvania Avenue
    N.W., Washington, D.C. 20004-2599

  • Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education
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How can I locate a lost life insurance policy?
If a family member dies and you are unable to locate his or her life insurance policies, there is, unfortunately, no national or statewide database of all life insurance policies that you can consult. However, you can try to determine:
  • which insurance company might have issued the policy
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How do I file a life insurance claim?
To begin the claims process:

  • Get several copies of the death certificate.

  • Call your insurance agent. He or she can help you fill out the necessary forms and act as an intermediary with the insurance company. (Don’t keep life insurance policie...
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If I can’t pay my premium, what should I do?
If unexpected expenses come up and you can’t pay your life insurance premium, you should know the possible consequences. The effect depends on the type of policy and coverage you have and the policy terms and conditions.

Term: If you stop paying premiums, your co...
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How often should I review my policy?
You should review all of your insurance needs at least once a year. If you have a major life change, you should contact your insurance agent or company representative. The change in your life may have a significant impact on your insurance needs. Life changes may include:

  • Marriage or divorce
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How should I organize and store my life insurance records?
The last thing you want to happen after you die is for your beneficiaries to be unable to locate and submit a claim on your life insurance. To prevent this, you should have copies of your life insurance records in at least two places. This is to make it less likely that you’ll lose them (to fire, flood, accidental discarding, etc.) and more likely that, after your deat...
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Do I need life insurance after my kids are grown?
Quite possibly. Here are 10 reasons to own life insurance after your kids have left home:
  1. To meet goals
    If your children are in college and/or not completely financially independent, life insurance can help “finish the job.&rdq...
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